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      Rain Burkeen

      Hej Andreas,

      This is so confusing! 🙁 Hvis du kan taler Englesk kan du hjaelpe mig?

      I own a PMV and I was told not to register VAT or SKAT until the business makes over 50,000. I read your article on why it’s a good idea to go ahead and register, however, i have made 0 profit or sales yet (but have paid a lot of expenses). I plan to make over 50,000 in the next few months and then change the business and register for vat and skat (for my income). My question is, do i need to go ahead and charge my customers VAT Moms, now? So that once i register and change over my business I can pay it without losing 25% of my profit? How does that work?

      Or is there any tips/tricks/places i can read more about this? I want to make sure i’m doing everything the right way!

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      Andreas Andersen

      If you expect to reach over 50.000 in the next few months, I would register for VAT now. Remember, that you are not allowed to charge VAT from customers until you are VAT registered.

      Har du IT-problemer? Måske har svaret.

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